A recent study by Melbourne Business School and AT Kearney has revealed that Australian companies are lagging in terms of extracting value from their data.
Senior executives at 400 companies in 34 countries, including 50 Australian companies, were involved in the survey. The focus was around their data use and attitudes towards data.
The researchers created an analytics “maturity index” along a four-stage path ranging from data “laggards” through to data “leaders”. The full research report will be launched at the Melbourne Business Analytics Conference later this week.

According to the AFR, “The inaugural ‘Analytics Impact Index’ report found Australian firms scored lower in the major areas measured, including their approach to using data in the business, their tolerance of risk-taking when it came to experimenting with data and their recruitment and training of data specialists”

Either disrupt or be disrupted, the choice is yours. Now is the time to dip your toe into the water Australia. The good news for those that try is that the rewards are evidenced.

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