The Challenge To develop a reporting analytics tool for CAMS-Building, an online building asset condition assessment tool. To enable CAMS to meet current and emerging client requirements for reporting deterioration to Councils and major building portfolio owners.

Finding a Solution Cast Solutions developed Qlik dashboards and reports to replace the current excel solution with an analytics platform. We developed an on-premise solution that they have embedded into the CAMS- Buildings software solution.

The Outcome The product solution and approach is now the core reporting tool for CAMS- Buildings. This dashboard provides insightful and interactive building-condition predictive modelling. This is key for capital and maintenance spend decisions for Councils, Hospitals and Education building portfolio managers. CAMS has subsequently grown sales exponentially. This industry leading reporting tool is fully customisable for building asset managers.

The Client CAMS is an intelligent building asset inspection and predictive modelling company. It is owned and operated by RMIT University, following commercialisation in 2015. It provides state of the art technology solutions to Councils, building inspectors and building managers across Australia.

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