The most common issue our clients have is disparate data, with an inability to see the whole picture. Gone now are the days of whole business IT system amalgamation. Clients want to keep their existing technology solutions, but see all data, clearly. Increasingly, companies are shifting from silo data to a visual holistic business perspective. Disparate data is like having blinkers on and seeing what you want to see, without analysing the results. Progressive companies have realised that this limits efficiency, productivity and business performance outcomes.

More and more managers are seeking to know what is really happening across their business.
Cast Solutions (Cast) starts with:

  • our clients biggest crisis area,
  • adopts agile approaches,
  • sets out 100% client-centric priorities.

The proof of concept phase is a sprint, with transparency around current data sets and databases. Embedding into day-to-day operations should not be rushed, as it is key to sustainable adoption. Cast often co-locate during the transition phase, ensuring comfort and adoption across the key operational personnel.


Make Big Data Work: Disparate Data Defined

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