Business Advisory

Our Services

We thrive from being involved with businesses seeking to grow or improve. The common element is the need for a fresh approach, a process, and access to a team who have done this successfully across diverse markets. We have worked with over 90 companies to overcome business challenges, improve efficiency and drive productive, sustainable and meaningful business outcomes.

Strategic Planning

We facilitate and support a variety of activities including business and sector analysis, workshop facilitation and the development of strategic business plans to map your journey.


Business Analysis

By analysing and identifying your historical sales, win rates, profitability and growth, evidenced-based business insights are developed. This provides a robust foundation for strategic conversations in the workshops rather than subjective recollections.

Sector Analysis

We help you identify emerging market trends, threats and opportunities providing competitor benchmarking and robust insights. We engage your team in looking outside of the business to the broader market sector opportunities and potential disruptive threats.


Workshop Facilitation

Workshop participants actively participate in workshop sessions and take ownership of the final strategic roadmap and plan. We facilitate, challenge and drive the momentum of a clear strategic roadmap development enabling a key focus on the future state of your business

Business Improvements

We identify and implement high impact cost efficiencies, implement seamless processes and enable innovative improvements across your business.

Business Development

Business development mentoring brings on-the-job training and challenge for your client-facing personnel. We work with project managers, engineers, technical personnel and business development managers to ensure your business operates in a way which encompasses your clientele in their decision making, and provides them with a cohesive and compelling experience.


Efficiency Initiatives

We identify and drive efficiency initiatives within a contract or business, allowing your people to focus on their day to day business responsibilities. This includes process streamlining, data capture adoption, technology optioneering, quality assurance and analysis, and embedding proven methodologies for ongoing identification of key efficiency opportunities.


Surveys provide your business with evidenced perception and (both qualitative and quantitative) from a variety of internal and external stakeholders. Our end-to-end data capture and analysis process empowers our clients to identify specific improvements and strategic initiatives. Improvement opportunity tracking enables easy of tracking and completion for evidenced outcomes.

Tender Support

We provide support and strategic challenge to tender teams to improve win rates by providing embedded involvement as bid lead, peer challenge or through content development.

Win Strategy

We assist bid teams both before and after tenders are put out to market. This includes the identification and understanding of what the decision makers and influencers are really looking for, and the facilitation of verifying key selection criteria and hot spots reflecting client needs. The development of a win strategy is then collaborative and iterative.


Content Provision

Our experienced bid writers can write executive summaries, technical methodologies or proof read sections for win strategy clarity. Our approach is to extract from existing knowledge and specialists in your organisation, to distill and develop specific and appropriate tender responses. We provide a combination of written and visual content.


Peer Challenge

Tender reviews often require fresh eyes to challenge and provide specific improvement initiatives. We take on the role of “client” by assessing and rating the submission using the selection criteria, assessing for evidenced and compelling value proposition. This occurs at key tender milestone review dates, assisting the bid team to fine tune the content.

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Cast Solutions is an Australian-based business advisory and data analytics solutions provider, certified in Qlik. We provide strategic advice and data-driven insights, solutions and the confidence to make meaningful business decisions. We have extensive experience across diverse sectors including engineering, technology and infrastructure. By using the latest in innovative technology, including AI and machine learning technology, we are able to enhance business performance and growth.