Business Advisory

Our Services

We thrive from being involved with businesses seeking to grow or improve. The common element is the need for a fresh approach, a process, and access to a team who have done this successfully across diverse markets. We have worked with over 90 companies to overcome business challenges, improve efficiency and drive productive, sustainable and meaningful business outcomes. 

Strategic Planning

Plan and track the future growth of your business

We facilitate and support a variety of activities including business and sector analysis, workshop facilitation and the development of strategic business plans to map your journey.

Business Improvements

Enhance your business to increase profitability and growth

We identify and implement high impact cost efficiencies, implement seamless processes and enable innovative idea generation across your business.


Tender Support

Proven record of embedded support to win

We provide support to the tender processes to improve win rates by providing embedded involvement as bid lead, peer challenge or through content development


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Cast Solutions is an Australian-based business advisory and data analytics solutions provider, certified in Qlik. We provide strategic advice and data-driven insights, solutions and the confidence to make meaningful business decisions. We have extensive experience across diverse sectors including engineering, technology and infrastructure. By using the latest in innovative technology, including AI and machine learning technology, we are able to enhance business performance and growth.