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How accurate, real-time data analytics helped to transform a multi-billion dollar infrastructure project


When Goulburn Murray Water, Australia’s largest rural water cooperation embarked on the Connections Project, a $2-billion project funded by the Victorian and Commonwealth governments, little did they know how crucial accurate and real-time data would become to steer the project back on track and make better and faster decisions with confidence. The project involved the replacement and upgrade of hundreds of thousands of data assets – gates, channels, meters, thousands of customers – all kept track in multiple Excel files.



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The Connections Project is considered the most significant upgrade in the region’s irrigation infrastructure in its 100-year history with the aim of automating much of the water delivery network, replacing ageing irrigation infrastructure, meeting measurement compliance requirements and ensuring equitable access to maintain true value.

The project had hundreds of thousands of data assets – gates, channels, meters, thousands of customers – all kept track in multiple Excel files.

Frank, the Project Director, was brought in to bring the project back on track as it was not making progress, facing a $500 million blowout and an estimated five or six more years to complete.

Data integrity was the key issue impacting the success of the project. Disparate and inaccurate data sets were not only impacting decision making, but also the ability to forecast and meet project milestones.

Properly forecasting helps you stay on track to deliver a project on time and on budget. If you don’t know your scope and what is happening in the next six months, then that ultimately means you are not in control of your project. Without the right data, you can’t run the job, because you’re flying blind.


A solution was required to align the disparate data sets and provide simple, up-to-date, real-time data with easy to use functionality. Cast Solutions became the trusted advisor in Goulburn Murray Water’s journey to transform the way they analyse and use their data assets to make better and faster decisions with confidence.

After we showcased Qlik, a leading data analytics platform, and how it was implemented in a similar construction business, Goulburn Murray Water decided to implement Qlik for the Connections Project.

Cast Solutions brought the right industry expertise and data analytics capabilities understanding the business context and data pain points. Our high-performing team was responsive, agile and focused on the right outcomes for our customer.

For Cast Solutions, our customers are integral to the solution development from the start. Together with the team from Goulburn Murray Water, we developed a proof of concept within a week and the solution was live and operational within two weeks.


With Cast Solutions’s help Goulburn Murray Water was able to bring the project back on track hitting its key milestones on budget. Reporting and data analysis became meaningful. Qlik was an integral part of this solution, essentially integrated all systems and bringing together those disparate data sets.

The solution provided confidence to the Project Director, Operations Managers, teams and Executives on data integrity and improving quality by 500%. The ability to plan and accurately forecast how much funding is needed for the next six months was also improved with a 95% accuracy.

The display of Qlik dashboards throughout the office provided transparency on real-time progress and performance indicators. Data and project progress is now at the finger tips of managers and employees in real-time empowering them to be more proactive at starting conversations early and making forward-looking, more meaningful decisions.

Why was Cast the right partner?

Cast Solutions brought the right team with industry-leading data analytics and solution expertise which helped us to quickly grasp the data integrity issues on hand and develop a solution using the Qlik platform. Working together collaboratively with Goulburn Murray Water meant the team could develop a solution encompassing exactly what was required in an efficient way, meeting project needs and delivering immediate results.