Identifying early trends or changes in business performance can be managed through KPI Dashboards. Red, amber and green is automatically generated through smart algorithms – this means as a manager or contract manager, you are able to customise your dashboards and have peace-of-mind knowing that this system will alert you (amber) when you need to keep a closer eye on performance.

Green means you can have trust knowing your employees are doing their jobs, which will align to clear outcomes.

Red is when new initiatives need to be implemented, tracked and closed out. Improvements and iterative smart solutions will become a priority.

Cast Solutions (Cast) develops these solutions with their clients by starting with:

  • the biggest crisis area,
  • adopting agile approaches, and
  • is 100% centred around their client’s priorities.

The proof of concept phase is a sprint, with consistent transparency around current data sets and databases. This embed’s into day-to-day operations, which cannot be rushed as it this is the key to sustainable adoption. Cast often colocate during the transition phase, ensuring comfort and adoption across the key operational personnel and offering support instantaneously.

Cast work collaboratively with their clients to identify and test KPIs and the trigger points for red, amber and green – which are fine-tuned over time and continuous improvement initiatives are adopted iteratively.

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