Capturing and understanding your safety performance is the first step to becoming a safety champion. We are celebrating National Safe Work Month by sharing great ways to improve safety performance. 

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve” is one of our mantras. Immediately, you are feeling burdened with paper, data and processes…… but how about we help you to rethink that approach. Sounds hard – but it is not!

The first step is to capture your safety audits using electronic safety auditing tools such as SafetyCulture’s iAuditor. This provides immediate access to real time audit data insights, trends and alerts. We can then pass all collected data through an analytics tools, such as Qlik Sense, and you can see things before they happen. Sounds complex – but it is not!. 

We can work with you to configure regular, dynamic and  electronic safety audits for your business. The outcome is visible and provides you with seamless safety performance tracking.
Our people come from an operational background, so we can help you to identify the best way forward. We make it easy to adopt technology and  take away the heavy lifting. Instantly you see trends, insights and improvement opportunities through our state-of-the-art analytics dashboard. Alternatively, if you prefer an instant, plug-and-play solution, take a look at our iAuditor Insights app, available through our trusted SaaS platform, Inphinity.

We have adopted this approach across diverse companies and then continue to refine, aligned to industry best practice. Most recently Cast Solutions exhibited at the Digital AI Summit in Melbourne, which was attended by over 400 participants, through a variety of sectors including construction, tech, finance, medical and retail. We demonstrated the benefits of switching from an old and inefficient, paper-based safety audit to electronic safety audits.  As audits are being completed the data is uploaded into the secure cloud environment and into an analytics engine such as Qlik Sense. The collected data passes into the Qlik Sense predictive analytics and machine learning, providing a window into the future and enables you to easily see early warnings of concerning culture, behaviour and activities. 

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