We recently facilitated a workshop for a company developing a range of digital solutions for the engineering sector. A participant was asked to present the value proposition of a recently developed solution. He did a great job at explaining the technology and the proposed solution. However, it was immediately evident that the solution had not been developed with critical client input. It was as if they had come up with something exciting and new but disconnected from a specific client need.

So, what might the team do to verify or challenge the solution. Asking open questions of clients. Finding out what their issues really area. Listening to their needs. All of these vital steps were missed. But it is not too late. The team should immediately involve progressive and strategically attuned clients in the conversation. What outcomes are they seeking? What is keeping them awake at night. If the team was to develop a solution (X), what are the key issues it needs to solve/ evidence to add value to the client’s business.

You can’t shape your customer. You can however understand your customer and position your solution to meet their key needs. What business issues or challenges are you solving. How can you help your client to be successful, take cost out or reduce risk? So, what can you do tomorrow to include your clients in the conversation? Is your solution just bells and whistles – noise…. Or does your digital solution reflect your client’s needs?

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