This edition focuses on the latest additions in Qlik Sense, which we are sure you will find to be useful for your business. Having used this latest version at Cast Solutions for a short while, we would like to share some key changes we have noticed. Please be sure to check the ‘Important Notes’ section for details. We believe you will find the new features, bugfixes and usability enhancements in this version of Qlik Sense powerful for your business.

Insight advisor

The Qlik Sense insight advisor is a new feature, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, to automatically suggest the relevant insights and visualizations based on the data loaded in a Qlik Sense app. This means that objects can be generated automatically, and then prioritized to provide insights and analytics based on Qlik’s proprietary algorithms.  Insights are contextually aware and work with Qlik’s Cognitive engine.

This feature enables an app developer to get started very quickly and produce meaningful insight without relying on an advanced understanding of the data structure. For advanced app developers, this feature allows for the evaluation the data set with increased efficiency.

Expression editor


The changes in the Expression editor enable the app developer to create statistical aggregation functions based on field data. The addition of check boxes allow the developer to independently insert Distinct and Total clauses into statistical aggregation functions, as well as the ability to enter Qlik Sense functions and variables into an expression. When a variable is selected, a preview of its definition and value appears.

Improved usability through enhanced UX and functionality.

Hub app management

You can now republish an app from the hub, that you have already published.. The stream, upon republishing, will be automatically selected from the system based on the app name. A new dedicated section for published apps has been added to the hub. The app owner can also promote community sheets of a published app to base sheets, as well as demote base sheets to the Community section, all via the Hub.

By creating a duplicate of your published app, making your changes, and then republishing it back to the same stream as the published app through the hub interface, your workflow is seamless – no longer requiring login to the QMC interface.


You can distribute apps developed in your on-premise Windows-based Qlik Sense environment to Qlik Cloud Services and Qlik Sense Enterprise for Elastic. This allows app consumption in the new cloud hub. For more information, please contact us.

This results in an enhanced workflow, enabling efficiency in the management, update and modification of multiple apps (for example, clients or version control.)

Product enhancements

  1. Chart suggestions
    Qlik Cognitive Engine now provides a number of alternative charts in the property panel to complement the initial recommendation.
  2. Dimensions and measures
    You can now switch dimensions and measures in the property panel using drag and drop.
    Quickly change between common aggregation methods using a drop-down menu in the property panel.
  3. Authoring
    Qlik Sense sheets can now be extended vertically to a scrollable mode.
    Grid size can now be changed on sheets with existing objects.
  4. Data filtering from files
    You can create filtering conditions for the field content in your files that are automatically. applied into the script when loading data in Data manager.
  5. Visualisation improvements
    Line layers are now available in the multi-layer map chart.
    You can now show and hide specific columns in a straight table using expression conditions.
    The mini graph used for scrolling can now be turned off for line charts, bar charts, and combo charts.
  6. Accessibility
    Screen reader tags.
    Keyboard navigation for tables.
    Ability to flip from chart to table for value inspection and selection.
  7. Qlik Connectors
    Presto – The PrestoDB Connector enables you to create connections that query all the data sources in an environment that have been configured with Presto. (production-ready)

Important notes

Please note this release of Qlik Sense has major core changes to the way visualisations and objects interact with the Qlik APIs. As a result of this, we have found that a number of non-standard objects may not work as intended in this release. We recommend ensuring in a test environment that your additional visualisations/objects work as desired. This is particularly important when using Qlik Sense objects within an external system, via mashup/direct integration.

Please let us know if you need any assistance in adopting the enhanced features and functionality of this latest release by contacting us here. We provide many of our clients with upgrade support, architecture recommendations or any other assistance to ensure they make the most of the technology improvements.

Please note, while we make every reasonable effort to provide comprehensive, accurate and clear information specifically for your organisation, the information provided in this notice is general in nature and may not address the specific circumstances of your Qlik environment. Your specific environment may require re-configuration prior or post-upgrade so be sure to have a tested backup and recovery strategy in place.

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