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Our people provide a range of Analytics, Solutions and Advisory services. At Cast, we love what we do. We get to work creatively alongside great people and great companies, and most importantly, we challenge our strategic and business thinking every day.


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Data analytics enables business intelligence. Business reporting, analysis and insights based on data enables evidenced based decisions. If it can’t be measured, you don’t have the opportunity for improvement.


Data modelling is a global term used to describe the documentation of a new or existing business system. The core aim of a successful data model is to answer a business question, encouraging analysis and in turn meaningful data transformation.


Data connectivity brings disparate datasets together, initiating meaningful relationships and allowing aggregated overviewing. Our solutions are core in ensuring your organisation can evolve at any rate of speed, by supporting this evolution with near-real time data update and retrieval.


We offer forward thinking expertise to expand and transform your business. Our road-map development, workshop facilitation and communication strategy services provide your organisation with the leading-edge to thrive.

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Cast Solutions is a Melbourne-based data analytics solution provider. We use the latest industry-leading technology to produce effective, customizable and appealing visual data insights for a wide range of organisations throughout the engineering, technology and business sectors.

Our team of professionals collaborate with clients to clearly define the business question or challenge. We bring a fresh approach, a proven process and the right analytic tools to build and implement insightful analytics solutions.

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