Data connectivity brings disparate datasets together, initiating meaningful relationships and allowing aggregated overviewing. Our solutions are core in ensuring your organisation can evolve at any rate of speed, by supporting this evolution with near-real time data update and retrieval. Our analytics software allows cross technology connectivity utilising secure, industry-leading connectors, and encourages data transparency.


A Portal allows you or your stakeholders to access a secure, customised interface using a web browser from anywhere in the world. By extending on the portal concept, embedded analytics helps the user see, interact, and evaluate their data, with minimal effort by the developer. You control what should be seen and to whom, helping shape the insight the user gets from the solution. A key feature of any Portal is the ability to enable access to a vast selection of software including media (audio, video, VR, imagery), CRM (customer engagement – survey, notices, content) or collaborative sharing software (such as video conferencing).


Our Client Portals with embedded analytics are like a website on steroids. Your clients can see personalised data, interactivity with their data allowing you to provide value that they really want. The ability for your client to see near real-time data insights, effective data interrogation and effective reporting is something we pride ourselves in offering.



One of the most complex parts of any inter-connected system is data sourcing. The way in which data is connected, authenticated, authorised and retrieved can make even the most skilled data analysts stress. By engaging software with pre-defined, secure and proven data sourcing methods, you can simplify the way your data is transformed. After identifying the output required, the source data that is needed often becomes clear.


Utilising APIs offered by many software solutions, we are able to create real-time connectivity to your data, no matter where it may be. We offer an ‘out of the box’ thinking to provide connectivity to any number of data sources – by using different technologies to help bridge the technical gap between different software. This allows us to bring together and overlay multiple data sources, enabling insight and encouraging action.

Open Data

Data is the single most important asset in any organisation. The way in which you can access, classify and in turn analyse internal data shapes the direction of your organisation. Since internet connectivity has become key in any organisation, the data sources available to make those key strategic decisions has increased dramatically. Publicly accessibly, aggregated data from millions of sources around the world enables you to bring your organisation’s understanding to a new level. Open source data can be overlayed with your business data resulting in powerful insight.


We have proven experience in the identification, analysis and overlay of publicly accessible data from hundred of sources. Locally, both the Australian and state governments are pro-actively giving access to tens of thousands of data sources across a vast range of topics including civic infrastructure, primary industry, science and geospatial, earth science and communications. Many marketing, consulting, social media and awareness organisations also offer data which can be used to enhance your decision making.


The data migration process includes the transfer, conversion and storage of legacy or archived business data. By sourcing your data from the vast data sources across your organisation, migration to a high-performing, compressed format can help enhance efficiency and allow the production of insight.


Data migration, import, management and storage are all now possible using industry-leading tools. We have key experience in extracting and including historical data from redundant systems and archived data sources into client business insights. This provides flexibility and helps encourage data longevity.

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Cast Solutions is a Melbourne-based data analytics solution provider. We use the latest industry-leading technology to produce effective, customizable and appealing visual data insights for a wide range of organisations throughout the engineering, technology and business sectors.

Our team of professionals collaborate with clients to clearly define the business question or challenge. We bring a fresh approach, a proven process and the right analytic tools to build and implement insightful analytics solutions.

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