Data analytics enables business intelligence. Business reporting, analysis and insights based on data enables evidenced based decisions. If it can’t be measured, you don’t have the opportunity for improvement. To combat this, our experience with industry leading analytics tools enable us to develop something intuitive and easy to use.


A dashboard can provide you with a ‘one stop’ interface to enable meaningful enhancements. By displaying your data, in near real-time, in an entirely unique way, you can enhance your understanding and help you make key decisions to effectively supercharge your business. A dashboard provides you, as a decision maker, to hold the answers to the tough questions, all at a swipe on your tablet, click on your laptop or tap on your mobile.



What keeps you awake at night?
This question is unique to each CEO, General Manager or Supervisor. Our goal is to provide the answer to that question, using meaningful, proven techniques by bringing your data together and enabling you to track your projects, goals and effectiveness of future predictions.



Reporting within your organisation is key to ‘get the message across’ and ensure everybody involved is on the same page. Reports mean you don’t have to worry about identify the answers to the tough questions. The reporting proforma is developed and you can easily produce powerfully appealing output.



Reporting and data manipulation no longer needs to be manual. By using the latest automation processes and state of the art tools, we can reduce the time it takes for you to create a bespoke report.
We can identify your required reports up-front and configure templates, and in turn output, in a way that can be interrogated with ease.

Real-time data

Keeping your finger on the pulse is important for any organisation. Trends both within your data, and in the real world, can make or break your effectiveness. By embedding consistent, live and intelligent analytics you can take the first step in the right direction.



Imagine being able to identify current trends in your market or in your organisation – something that happened 90 seconds ago.
Real-time data allows you to do this, and by being equipped with this knowledge, you can make the best decision with the right information.


A single source of truth is paramount to any business, and to address this, our proven track record and intelligent output speaks for itself. By ensuring the right data is seen by the right people, data governance is a powerful driver in enabling intelligent insight



The interaction between your stakeholders and your data is key. Without a strong, integrated and proven governance framework in place, your data can be misinterpreted.
We produce powerful and secure data analytics, some of which are used within Australian government, Australian defence, insurance and banking sectors.

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Cast Solutions is a Melbourne-based data analytics solution provider. We use the latest industry-leading technology to produce effective, customizable and appealing visual data insights for a wide range of organisations throughout the engineering, technology and business sectors.

Our team of professionals collaborate with clients to clearly define the business question or challenge. We bring a fresh approach, a proven process and the right analytic tools to build and implement insightful analytics solutions.

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