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The importance of company culture

Company culture has an astounding impact on business success. Over the past 3 months we have managed culture surveys for four different clients. We upload into our BI tool, Qlik Sense, to enable interrogation and insights. Some were anonymous, others where open. By...

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Ready for the challenge?

The Green Building Council of Australia has committed to a Carbon Positive Roadmap, all new buildings and fit outs will be emissions-neutral in operations by 2030, with existing buildings to follow by 2050. This provides the momentum for smart buildings, smart cities,...

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Data literacy and democratisation

Data literacy and democratisation are rapidly becoming critical. We are delighted to see the data analytics market leader Qlik push this and invest in it significantly. We had a lunch earlier this week with the Qlik CEO Mike Capone. He reinforced data literacy as...

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A new era

The mobilisation phase is now complete for our new office. Our new office model embraces all the benefits of a co-working space, whilst still having our own dedicated office. We looked at a range of options and selected Waterman Business Centre at Chadstone. It is a...

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Recognition for innovation

The whole business at Hendry was buzzing following the recent AFR award, ranking 53rd in the Most Innovative Companies list. As a collaborative partner, Cast Solutions has been working with Hendry on range of technology and data analytics solutions, in response to...

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Tech Update June 2018

This edition focuses on the latest additions in Qlik Sense, which we are sure you will find to be useful for your business. Having used this latest version at Cast Solutions for a short while, we would like to share some key changes we have noticed. Please be sure to...

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Building client trust

Data exists inside most companies, so data collection is the first step. The opportunity is to transition from data collection to value creation. Ease of tracking business performance is central to our approach. How can you track margin, productivity, service level,...

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Australian companies lagging in data use

A recent study by Melbourne Business School and AT Kearney has revealed that Australian companies are lagging in terms of extracting value from their data. Senior executives at 400 companies in 34 countries, including 50 Australian companies, were involved in the...

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Disparate Data

The most common issue our clients have is disparate data, with an inability to see the whole picture. Gone now are the days of whole business IT system amalgamation. Clients want to keep their existing technology solutions, but see all data, clearly. Increasingly,...

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Red, Amber and Green

Identifying early trends or changes in business performance can be managed through KPI Dashboards. Red, amber and green is automatically generated through smart algorithms – this means as a manager or contract manager, you are able to customise your dashboards and...

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