About us

Cast Solutions – Creative Strategic Thinkers – is an Australian-based business advisory and data analytics solution provider. We use the latest industry-leading technology to produce effective, customizable and appealing visual data insights for a wide range of organisations across the engineering, technology and business sectors.

About Cast

We are a trusted business partner collectively bringing over 100 years of industry expertise in construction, utilities, engineering and infrastructure sectors allowing us to understand your business and provide the right insights to help you improve and unlock new possibilities.

Cast Solutions delivers real-time, data-driven insights powered by Qlik, powerful and cost efficient business intelligence and visualisation software. This enables you to know more about your company improving efficiency and driving productive, sustainable and meaningful business outcomes.

We are data analytics experts who help you transform the way you use and analyse your data assets to make informed, forward-looking decisions with confidence, taking advantage of new technologies, unlocking your business potential, driving innovation and rethinking the way you do business.

Our Values


We enable clients to adopt agile data analytic technologies, solutions and processes, enabling business performance and mitigating business risk.


We transform and future-proof our clients’ business by developing and embedding customised real-time data analytics, visualisations and BI (business intelligence) solutions.


By working in a collaborative ecosphere with our clients and partners we jointly develop transformative solutions and business outcomes.

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Cast Solutions is an Australian-based business advisory and data analytics solutions provider, certified in Qlik. We provide strategic advice and data-driven insights, solutions and the confidence to make meaningful business decisions. We have extensive experience across diverse sectors including engineering, technology and infrastructure. By using the latest in innovative technology, including AI and machine learning technology, we are able to enhance business performance and growth.