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Expert business advice is more than just an expert’s advice for your business – it’s the sum of their experience and business intelligence

We thrive on partnering with companies seeking to improve because they are open to trying new things. Savvy enterprise leaders know that standing still is the same as falling behind in the fast-paced modern world of business. But what sets truly successful organisations apart?

Acceptance that the best business advice can come from outside your business.

What are business advisory services?

Business advisory services incorporate strategic business planning and strategic data management planning as an all-in-one service for improving business performance or success. We help companies rethink their strategic goals in response to emerging trends in their industry to develop the business’ priorities and initiatives.

Cast Solutions’ corporate advisory team has helped to revamp companies across numerous sectors using proven processes and tools to identify business improvement opportunities, generating the new operational roadmap.

The common elements in successful data management and strategic planning transformation is the desire for a fresh approach to operations and access to experienced business consultants. Cast Solutions has the team and the expertise – do you have the ambition?

Business advisory services can be broken down into two separate areas, Strategic Business Planning and Data Strategy Planning

Strategic Business Planning

Forward thinking is one of the most valuable traits an executive team can have. Being able to assess the state of a company and prepare for what comes next requires agile strategic business planning. However, many senior enterprise leaders lack the breadth of expertise – encompassing an organisation’s financial accounts, sales processes, product development and IT systems – that’s needed to flesh out a long-term programme for improving their business.


How can Cast Solutions help?

Cast Solutions’ corporate advisory services give company leaders a full assessment of all operational elements, grounding them in the details of what state their business is in today. From there, our business consultants work with you to create a strategic roadmap, incorporating your business’ priorities, the action steps required and milestones to watch out for. A fresh set of eyes, alongside our workshops designed to analyse operational performance while engaging key stakeholders, can help to totally transform your business’ trajectory. Cast Solutions aims to help senior management, whatever their area of expertise, to play to their strengths, safe in the knowledge that a professional business analysis will identify all development opportunities.

4 benefits of better strategic business planning

  • Refresh business goals: Having a clear one-year, five-year and even longer-term strategy isn’t just useful for global organisations; even SMEs will benefit from setting future targets and adapting operations to meet them. External business advice can help management teams better understand the state of the market and produce more accurate forecasts and what-if analytics.
  • Identify business improvement areas: Sometimes organisations can’t imagine integrating new day-to-day processes because they have done things the same way for so long. Business advisory services are focused on transforming your business performance and improving efficiency. This transformation includes improving inter-team collaboration and making decisions driven by single-truth datasets. These benefits can be passed on to your customers, improving the client experience.
  • Rethink key competencies/skills : Your business employees may be right for you today, but that doesn’t mean that your company structure will always suit your needs. External consultants can help you to assess areas of operational growth that will require new skills and determine what expertise you will need to realise your strategic goals. Cast Solutions can also help you to increase planning transparency across your organisation. Sharing insights with stakeholders and management more efficiently ultimately improves the alignment of operational planning with long-term strategic goals.
  • Smarter use of data, technology and people: Time and resources cost money, no matter the scale of the organisation. Business advisory services can help you get more out of your resources by refocusing employees on the processes that matter. Our consultants can also help to encourage a culture of analytical thinking that builds processes around desired end results, not the other way around.


Data Strategy Planning

Typically many data gathering and management processes are centralised around a company’s IT team. This unintentionally siloes data insights – from acquisition through to model creation and then results presentation – from those who will be using the information. This makes data management planning more difficult and also means this process delivers less nuanced results.

How can Cast Solutions help?

In a more modern data management approach, business users produce insights from datasets on the fly. IT teams create datasets for business analysis from experts, typically business consultants, before users generate results for use in planning next steps. This system gives C-Suite executives and management teams the flexibility to adapt strategic thinking around new information in real-time and helps them to frame what information is essential and what isn’t


4 benefits of better data management planning

  • Increase productivity: Good data management practices make it easier for employees to find and understand information relevant to decision making. This in turn helps them to more easily check how effectively they work and means that they can get better quality work done without spending time looking for or checking datasets. A single accessible ‘point of truth’ telling the story of your business will pay dividends down the track.
  • Raise cost efficiency: Well-organised data that flows from appropriate data warehouses or databases into business analysis systems reduces the chances of duplicate or incorrect information. By reducing the chance of data inaccuracy companies reduce the cost of extensive quality checking and negate the costs of fixing problems when they arise down the track. Cast Solutions will also ensure that you use the right data analytics tools for your needs, taking the trial and error – and the costs that come with it – out of deciding what tools to use.
  • Improve operational flexibility: The speed at which a company makes decisions and pivots on new market trends is central to long-term success. If operational data is poorly organised or stored, it’s tricky to react to change and you can fall behind competitors. Good data management and corporate advisory on how to use this information gives businesses the adaptability to make decisions quickly and move with the times. It will also help to identify what enterprise tools employees will need to perform to their best.
  • Enhance data governance: A strategic plan for using and storing your priceless data is important. Whether customer or partner information, cybersecurity threats are ever-present in the modern business world. Better data management planning, including using the right processing and storage tools, helps to protect organisations from harm.


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The Cast Solutions difference

We have worked with more than 100 companies across Australia to overcome operational issues, improve process efficiency, and drive productive and meaningful business outcomes. We are more than just strategic partners; Cast Solutions is wedded to your future ambitions.

Our corporate advisory team has significant experience in the construction, utilities, engineering and infrastructure industries, giving us a methodical edge to our thinking that’s integral in business analysis. Our business consultants are also trained to use the most advanced data analysis systems, allowing us to understand your company and offer tailored insights which can unlock new possibilities.

Confucius once said, “If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room.” Business advisory services can add a wealth of insight to your operations, helping you to reorganise your data management and strategic planning to power a more successful future.


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Cast Solutions is an Australian-based business advisory and data analytics solutions provider. We provide strategic advice and data-driven insights, solutions and the confidence to make meaningful business decisions. We have extensive experience across diverse sectors including engineering, technology and infrastructure. By using the latest in innovative technology, including AI and machine learning technology, we are able to enhance business performance and growth.

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