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Build from a position of strength; a successful business can always be improved

They say it can be hard seeing the forest for the trees – this is particularly true in the current world of business. No matter the scale of the company, it’s very easy to become lost in its own way of doing things. This makes it difficult to objectively analyse legacy workflows or systems to see if they are truly fit-for-purpose or offering maximum business performance.

Even global conglomerates can benefit from an outsider’s perspective on operations. Cast Solutions offers proven business improvement methods designed to give organisations the chance to see the pros and cons of how they operate. Our services also give businesses exposure to new ways of working and technologies  that can identify sales opportunities, reduce time wasted on ineffectual tasks and reduce costs to their bottom line. 

What are business improvement services?

Business improvement services are about realigning your way of working with your enterprise objectives. The title may seem obvious, but it can be challenging for companies to streamline long-established processes or identify why, despite cost reductions, spending remains high.

The main areas that business improvement services focus on include:

  • Identifying process bottlenecks. Whether that’s a confusing management structure or excessive input from too many stakeholders, bottlenecks can be hard to find but contribute to tremendous business inefficiency.
  • Assessing technologies. Ineffective data capture or processing systems can make even the most basic tasks time-consuming and resource-draining. Assessing proprietary and/or legacy tools doesn’t necessarily mean more investment; often a simple project management tool, customised to a company’s needs, can lead to major improvements across the board.
  • Appraising enterprise values. In the course of day-to-day operations it’s simple for organisations to lose sight of their ‘north star’ values; what drives the business every day. Reassessing enterprise values can help companies get back to basics about what they need to do to reach those goals.

Having an external perspective on what your organisation does well and what it can improve on is central to good business planning, especially when arriving at a new stage of growth. Without this oversight from experts such as Cast Solutions, companies will continue to make the same mistakes, stagnating the time spent on simple tasks and hindering overall business efficiency. 

 How can Cast Solutions improve my business?

 Organisations come to Cast Solutions with many different objectives for improvement; to identify new sales opportunities, lower costs, streamline processes, or save time. Each of these end-points require different metrics to track success, making data capture from the very beginning a crucial factor to offering an industry leading service.

Build a Roadmap

We initiate our service by developing a roadmap for your organisation. This process is pivotal to our design-thinking methodology because it places your ideal outcome, the place and time in which your business is able to operate at maximum efficiency, firmly in our mind from the outset.

Develop Goals & Objectives

Cast Solutions will consult with your senior leadership team to determine the short-term project goals and broader enterprise objectives guiding the decision to improve your business operations. 

Analyse your systems

We analyse your data gathering and processing systems to determine what additional information we need to capture and assess before we recommend any changes.


From there, we will present your team with our plan for improvement as active buy-in from key stakeholders is critical. How we improve your business depends on your unique operations. These changes can generally be broken down as data-based or process-based

Data-based Process-based

Upgrading data capture systems

Pooling siloed data

Changing how data is visualised

Removing workflow bottlenecks

Getting more from collaboration tools

Increasing staff buy-in for any improvements

Implement your improvements

Next, we will implement our business development plan, introducing new data systems and designing new workflow processes to ensure that your staff can continue day-to-day operations unhindered by our changes. We can work onsite or collaborate with your team remotely, depending on your requirements, and can adapt our timeline for improvement to suit you.  

 The Cast Solutions team isn’t just made up of data analytics and enterprise experts. It is so successful because everyone is on the same page about what business improvement involves. We offer market-leading business improvement methods because we practice what we preach – there isn’t a single process change or system upgrade that we will ask your organisation to undertake that the Cast Solutions team hasn’t already worked through.

4 benefits of doing it the Cast Solutions way

1) Pan industry experience

Cast Solutions’ team has experience in the construction, utilities, engineering and infrastructure sectors, giving us extensive insight into best-practice in those industries.

2) Leading digital tools

We bring you real-time, data-driven transformation powered by the most advanced business intelligence platforms including Qlik, Power BI and Tableau.

3) Design-thinking focus

Our methodology involves thoroughly researching what makes your business unique and visualising your end goal for a more holistic improvement process.

4) Collaborative working

Our business improvement service is built on working with you to achieve your goals, meaning you effectively power your own change, no matter what your end goals are

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Breaking your business’ glass ceiling

No business thinks that they play a part in restricting their own growth – but few organisations devote sufficient time to ensuring their operations are relevant. Legacy systems/processes, once useful, can be so entrenched that it’s hard to see that they are no longer fit-for-purpose and can contribute to lower business efficiency.

With the right business improvement methods, you can break through your glass ceiling and raise your business’ bottom line. Let the Cast Solutions team help you transform into the industry leading organisation it is capable of becoming. 

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Cast Solutions is an Australian-based business advisory and data analytics solutions provider. We provide strategic advice and data-driven insights, solutions and the confidence to make meaningful business decisions. We have extensive experience across diverse sectors including engineering, technology and infrastructure. By using the latest in innovative technology, including AI and machine learning technology, we are able to enhance business performance and growth.

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