Are you being left behind?
“Data capture, Internet of things (IoT), digitalisation, artificial intelligence” ….. normally at this point the person I am talking to looks blank. But there something about what I am saying that rings a bell. I am sure this next statement will get me into heaps of trouble – The engineering sector is behind the HealthCare or Financial sectors in grasping the importance of digitalisation.

Proptech, Engtech, Buildtech, who knows what else-tech, but it is here to stay, and is moving fast.

Cast Solutions works exclusively in the engineering, contracting related sectors. It is what we love, and it is part of our DNA.

Our business has specialised in data analytics for 3 years now. We expanded our core strategic consulting/advisory business into this areas as we saw the emerging need. Our clients are typically $50-$600M pa in revenue and think outside the square. They are leaders, with successful businesses grown over many decades, in many cases.

The engineering sector is going through transformational digitalisation. Back office, operations, client facing, and innovative improvements are all being faced with the opportunity that data analytics brings. Are you going to be left wondering, or did you actually want to know what my first sentence in this blog may mean for your business….. your call!!

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