A great strategic roadmap has just been launched by the Property Council of Australia. Was delighted to see the shift from the 2015-17 strategic plan, to address new emerging opportunities. Sally Capp (the new Lord Mayor of the City of Melbourne) delivered a great outcome for the property council!

The major themes of the Digital Delivery strategic initiative (#6) were Create a Digital Roadmap; Digital Analytics; Digital Leaders in the Property Industry; Collaboration; Predictive Analytics; Data Services for members; Digital Capability and Culture. It is disruptive and revolutionary. The themes are mirrored across our clients in the building, engineering and contracting sectors.

The challenge is to kick start a call to action through a sense of urgency. A moment of crisis when you realise that status quo is no longer an option. For me, that is the key to digital delivery. Without disruption and revolution of our business operations, Digital Delivery will be an aspiration, rather than a reality. So, is the property sector ready for digital transformation?

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