Why work in a collaborative ecosystem?

Collaborative ecosystems are about working for a broader opportunity and removing the duplication. Some companies do it well, others prefer to work alone. Cast thrives when we collaborate with clients to deliver both their business needs and end customer emerging needs.

Why do our clients ask us to co-locate?

It ensures our people and skills are on tap to get the job done, as well as to help enable a new culture. Working together in a collaborative ecosystem brings about some amazing outcomes through impromptu workshopping. It is the new way of working that rapidly evidences tremendous benefits for all involved. Collaboration is not about splitting the pie up into bits and arguing over who gets what. It is about a greater relationship, for the end client and the service providers involved.

A mind-blowing example of collaborative ecosystems are Hendry Group.

Hendry is Australia’s leading built-form advisory firm, delivering more value and achieving better outcomes for property professionals, owners and communities. Hendry are developing and adopting cutting edge innovation with their state-of-the-art technology solutions. The business is going through an exciting transformation and Cast Solutions continuously collaborates with them around strategy, data anatytics and business intelligence.

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